The Department of Seed Growing
Dr. Vladimir I. Khatnyansky

PhD, Production Director,
Head of the Department of Seed Growing,
The Honoured Agronomist of the Russian Federation

Tel: (861) 275-72-55
Fax: (861) 259-15-14

The department of seed growing was organized in 1960 at the initiative of academician V.S. Pustovoit. Today, it is a large research and production branch of the institute, which successfully deals with the breeders and foundation seed growing of all oil crops.

Works of academician V.S. Pustovoit proved the necessity of developing the sunflower seed growing on the same essential basis as the breeding. V.S. Pustovoit developed a scheme of seed growing of sunflower that played a crucial part in the process of developing of schemes of seed growing of other oil crops. 

For the purposes of the annual variety changing and renovation of released and promising varieties and hybrids of oil crops, in the system of experimental stations and seed growing farms of VNIIMK was organized the production of commercial seeds of about 100 varieties, including 53 varieties and hybrids of sunflower. The institute and its experimental stations have technological equipment, which allows producing of 10-13 thousand tons of breeders, foundation and certified seeds, including about 8 thousand tons of oil crops. Material and technical basis of seed growing is constantly being improved. At the Don experimental station was built a seed plant, new storage facilities are being built at the central and other experimental stations of the institute.

In collaboration with experimental stations the department contributed a lot to the organization of seed growing system in the conditions of market economy.

The researches carried out by the laboratory of seed quality research, a part of the department of seed growing, become the theoretical basis for the production of high-quality seeds. 

The influence of various factors on the qualities of seeds is being studied: methods and time of harvesting, types and degree of broken seeds, the conditions of seeds storage.

One of the main goals of the department's work is the development of normative-technical requirements of the State Standard for the seeds of oil crops.