The Crop Management Department

Dr. Nikolay M. Tishkov

Head of the Crop Management Department

Tel: (861) 254-13-59
Fax: (861) 254-27-80

The first scientific program for studying sunflower cultivation methods was developed in 1912. The program provided for studying the influence of spring and autumn plowing, sowing dates and plant density on sunflower yield. During 1912-1925, these works were being conducted under the guidance of V.S. Pustovoit.

Since 1930, in the field of agrotechnology and agrochemistry were conducted researches on studying the influence of soil moisture, fertilizers, their forms and doses for sunflower, castor and peanut, inoculation of soybean on oil crops yield, as well as the researches on mechanization of sowing of oil crops, their treatment and harvesting.

In 1932, the crop management department was organized on the base of sectors of agrotechnology and soil research. The research subjects of the department concerned issues of soil treatment for oil crops in rotation, development of seedling are methods, responses of oil crops to mineral fertilizers, dates and methods of their application, weed biology and methods of weed control.

The department's employees developed the basic technologies of zonal management practices of oil crops, including its allocation in rotation, systems of main and pre-sowing soil tillage depending on field infestation and weed species composition, optimum sowing dates and plant populations, crop tending methods, optimization of mineral nutrition, and integrated system of weed control in crops.

The crop management department is an integrated scientific division, which consists of five laboratories, and currently works on the following issues of developing of:

- varietal agrotechnologies of cultivation and agroecological passports of new varieties, hybrids and parent forms of sunflower hybrids and other oil crops; 
- methods of effective usage of macro- and micro-fertilizers in oil crops cultivation;
- trials of new fertilizers and plant growth adjusters for oil crops.

Methods of oil crop management developed in the department are widely used in farms of the Krasnodar region and other regions of Russia. 

Research workers of the department take part in training courses on increasing of qualification of agrarian specialists, consult and provide them scientific and practical help on the proper usage of management practices of oil crops depending on the potential of agricultural enterprises.