Phytothron and Greenhouse Complex
Ivan I. Veter

PhD, Head of Phytotron and Greenhouse Complex

Tel: (861) 275-85-93
Fax: (861) 254-27-80

The researches on developing of the reproduction technologies of oil crops breeding material in the autumn-winter-spring period in greenhouses and growth chambers have been conducted in VNIIMK since 1970. The initiative phytotron creation belonged to academician V.S. Pustovoit. A large contribution to the project realization and the complex development was made by V. I. Klyuka and I. I. Veter.

Currently, at the breeders request, the phytothron and greenhouse complex carries out a large amount of works on evaluation of breeding material for resistance to main pathogens, control of genetic purity of parental forms, obtaining experimental hybrid combinations, rapid creation of CMS-analogues and analogue lines with new fatty acid compositions, tocopherols and other biochemical components in oil.

The use of phytothron technology as a factor of breeding process intensification speeds up the breeding of new varieties and hybrids of oil crops in 2-3 times, and improves the competitiveness of VNIIMK's scientific production.