The Department of Mechanization








Sergey S. Makarov

Head of the Department of Mechanization

Tel: (861) 254-06-96      
Fax: (861) 254-06-96      

The department of mechanization was established in 1932. During the years of its existence, there have been developed and introduced into production:

- Attachment to square-hill planters for sunflower seeds planting SKV-34A and for castor seeds planting SKV-35A (V.A. Bartenev);
- Attachment to grain planters for planting of small seeds of oil crops (M.I. Polnyakov); 
- Attachment of Zmievsky 34-103 to grain header for sunflower harvesting (M.E. Zmievsky);
- Attachment PSP-1.5 to combine SK-5 "Niva" and PSP-10 to combine Don-1500 for sunflower harvesting (V.I. Moskalenko, A.I. Klyuchnikov, I.Ya. Rogochy);
- Technology of preparing sunflower, soybean, castor, flax, mustard, rapeseed seeds (V.A. bartenev, A.I. Bortnikov, V.D. Shaforostov);
- Castor combines KKS-4, KKS-6, and KKS-9 (A.V. Zhukova, A.D. Savin);
- Two-stage technology of harvesting and post-harvesting processing of castor seeds (V.G. Matyusha, A.D. Savin, A.I. Bortnikov, V.D. Shaforostov);
- Technology and machine complex for peanut cultivation, harvesting, and drying (A.B. Barabash, V.I. Moskalenko, S.D. Krokhmal, V.D. Zhulid);
- Machine complex for mechanization of works in breeding and seed growing (M.I. Polyakov).

At present, the following tasks are in the process of solving:
- Creation of attachment of the third generation for sunflower harvesting;

- Development of technology for seeds preparation based on the new machines and complexes;
- Creation of machines for mechanization of works in breeding and seed growing.