The Department of Physical Methods of Research
Dr. Sergei M. Prudnikov 

Prof., Head of the Department of Physical Methods of Research

Tel: (861) 275-74-47
Fax: (861) 254-27-80

The staff of the department carries out researches and develops the methods and tools for nondestructive quality control of seeds of oil crops and their processing products, as well as means of its metrological supplying.

The scientific and research works on the creation of nuclear magnetic resonance express-analyzer (NMR-analyzer) of oil and moisture content in seeds of oil crops had been conducted since the beginning of 1973. The results of research were submitted to the USSR Ministry of Instrument Making to prepare and organize the commercial production of such analyzers. The device was named "Express-analyzer AMV-1002". 

Then, in 1986, the device AMV-1006 was created. The department's specialists in collaboration with the Ural Scientific Research Institute of Metrology (Ekaterinburg) upgraded the AMV-1006 analyzer; they also developed, conformed, and approved all the necessary technical, methodical, and metrological documents, and organized the production of the updated version of AMV-1006M and standards GSO 3107-3112-84 at the experimental station of VNIIMK. 

Currently, more than 80% of oil produced in Russia falls to the share of enterprises (more than 250 oil factories) where acceptance and processing of balk seeds is controlled by NMR-analyzers AMV-1006M. 

The Russian Federation Standardization Committee imposed on the department a duty of execution of annual periodic calibrations, maintenance of all in-service AMV-1006M analyzers, and the annual recertification of reference standards.

Currently, the department conducts researches on the development of express instrumental methods for the determination of protein content in agricultural materials and food stocks, as well as means of instrumental realization of these methods.

In 1999, The department's staff was rewarded with the award of the Krasnodar Region Administration in the field of science for the development of the quantitative NMR-analyzers of oil and moisture content, and their implementation in the enterprises of oil-producing industry and in the breeding and seed growing companies.

NMR-Analyzer AMV-1006M