The Laboratory of Economics
Konstantin M. Krivoshlykov

PhD, Head of the Laboratory of Economics  

Tel: (861) 275-71-00
Fax: (861) 275-71-00

The department of economics of the Institute began its work in the first postwar years. It was established in order to carry out researches on the economics of oil crops in the Soviet Union. The first head of the department was a doctor of economic sciences, Konyukov Alexander Ivanovich.

As a result of internal reorganization of the Institute in 1995, the department of economics ceased to exist. In 1998, the laboratory of economics was established. It was headed by a candidate of economic sciences, Brazhnik Viktor Pavlovich. 
Currently, a small staff of the laboratory is engaged in the development of organizational and economic measures of improving the efficiency and competitiveness of oil crops; it also carries out the economic analysis of the state of oil crops production in different regions of Russia in the modern conditions in order to prepare proposals to increase the production volume taking into account the rational placement and concentration of sowing.

Moreover, in collaboration with the other scientific branches of the Institute, the laboratory is working on the evaluation of new resource-saving management practices of oil crops cultivation.