The Coordination Sector of Scientific Research Work

Trunova Marina Valerievna

Scientific Secretary, Head of the Coordination Sector of Scientific Research Work, Candidate of biological sciences 
Phone: (861) 274-64-34
Fax: (861) 254-27-80



Marina V. Trunova

PhD, Scientific Secretary
Head of the Coordination Sector
of Scientific Research Work

Tel: (861) 274-64-34
Fax: (861) 254-27-80

The coordination sector of scientific research work (SRW) was established in the beginning of 1990s. The sector consists of the group on planning and coordination of SRW, patent group, editor, translator, scientific library, postgraduate course, typing office, graphic designer, and computer specialist, content manager; the total number of sector employees is 15 persons. 

The group on planning and coordination of SRW provides scientific and organizational work related to the integrated planning of research works, editing and documentation of long-term, five-term, and annual schedules of scientific works of the Institute and its experimental stations. The group writes and prepares short and complete reports on the results of the Institute's scientific production activity based on the reports of scientific and production divisions of the Institute.

The patent group ensures the expert review of all scientific research themes of the Institute for identification of their technical level, patentability, and patent clearance; prepares the patent applications on technical inventions, as well as the applications to the State Committee of the Russian Federation on testing and protection of breeding achievements for issues of patents and permit to use new breeding achievements of the Institute and its experimental stations. 

The scientific library of the Institute was founded on July 7, 1924 and currently it has the richest collection of literature on oil crops and other related branches - from the native publications of the 18th century to the most up-to-date ones. Totally, the library collection includes about 100 thousand of printed publications. 

The editorial staff, including editor, proofreader, and translator, prepares the scientific works of the Institute to the publication. The editor performs compilation, editing, and preparation for publication the "Oil crops" journal and scientific works of the Institute: thematic collections, books, scientific and technical bulletins, booklets, catalogues, recommendations, instruction booklets, practical guides, and other scientific publications.

The Institute trains the staff on the postgraduate course since 1932. Currently, the training of scientific personnel is conducted on 6 specializations, including breeding and seed growing of agricultural plants; general crop management and plant growing; agrochemistry, plant protection; technologies and means of mechanization of agriculture; economy and management of the national economy.

The scientific management of the postgraduate training is carried out by the leading scientists of the Institute. During the years of functioning of the VNIIMK postgraduate course it has been finished by 445 persons, 334 of which defended a PhD thesis.  

The sector is responsible for the museum of academician V.S. Pustovoit, which was opened in 1986 to the 100th anniversary of birth of the Institute's founder. The sector's employees organize excursions for scientists, specialists, students, and pupils.