Don Experimental Station by L.A. Zhdanov



Acting Director
Dr. Oleg F. Gorbachenko
Doctor of agricultural Sciences

Full postal address:

2 Zhdanova street, Oporny, Azov district, Rostov region, Russia 346754
Telephone: (863) 247-74-53, (86342) 75-1-21, fax: (86342) 75-1-21

Web: дос-вниимк.рф

Full name of organization
: Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Don Experimental Station named after of L.A. Zhdanov of All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops by V.S. Pustovoit"

Short name of organization:  FSBSI DOS VNIIMK

The Don experimental station of VNIIMK named after L.A. Zhdanov is one of the oldest (founded in 1924) scientific and research institutions in the south of Russia. For more than half a century it was a place of work for an outstanding breeder and scientist, recipient of the State Prize, Hero of the Socialist Labour, doctor of agricultural sciences, academician of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VASKhNIL), professor Leonid Afanasievich Zhdanov. The station is named after him.

The main tasks of the breeding and scientific activity of the station are as follows: creation of new highly-yielding varieties and hybrids of oil crops resistant to diseases and pests, responsive to the use of fertilizers and mechanical harvesting, with improved oil quality; production of breeders and foundation seeds, elite seeds and lines of varieties and hybrids of the station's breeding; methodical guidance for seed growing of varieties-populations and hybrids of the first generation of oil crops; development and introduction into agricultural production of the industrial management practices of oil crops cultivation.

Over the years of Don station's work, the breeders have developed and introduced into production more than 70 varieties, hybrids and lines of oil crops, over the past 15 years - 40, including 4 varieties, 13 hybrids, and 16 lines of sunflower; 4 varieties of mustard (Brassica juncea); 4 varieties of castor, and one variety of oil flax. All of them were patented and included in the State Register of breeding achievements eligible for cultivation in different regions of the Russian Federation, CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, and others), as well as in Moldavia, Romania, and Serbia. Varieties and hybrids developed at the station are cultivated in the Russian Federation and CIS countries on the area of more than one million ha.

Within the framework of the international collaboration the station maintains partnership relations with the Research Institute of Field and vegetable Crops, Novi Sad (Serbia), company "Pioneer", "Limagrain" breeders of Ukraine and Belarus.   

Breeding material exchange is carried out with the central station of VNIIMK and its other experimental stations, as well as with the Institute of the South-East. 

The joint breeding researches aimed at the development of new hybrid combinations of sunflower adapted for cultivation in a wide range of climatic zones of Russia and CIS countries.

The station's scientific researches are conducted by two departments: the department of breeding and breeders and foundation seed growing of oil crops (head of the department is Prof. F.I. Gorbachenko, doctor of agricultural sciences), the department of commercial seed growing (head of the department is V.G. Shurupov, doctor of agricultural sciences), including seven laboratories: the laboratory of male lines breeding, the laboratory of sunflower immunity, the laboratory of development of sunflower parental germplasm, the laboratory of breeders and foundation seed growing of sunflower, the laboratory of soybean breeding, the laboratory of breeding of small-seeded oil crops and castor, the laboratory of varietal agrotechnology, evaluation of breeding material and mass analyses of oil crops.    

3 doctors, 8 PhDs, 3 Honoured agronomists of the Russian Federation, one Honoured agricultural worker of the Russian Federation, as well as specialists, workers and employees contribute to the scientific and production sphere of the station's activity.