Siberian Experimental Station



LOSHKOMOYNIKOV Ivan Anatolievich
Doctor of agricultural Sciences

Full postal address:
2 Stroiteley street, Isilkul, Omsk region, Russia 646025

Telephone: (38173) 21-413
Fax: (38173) 21-413

Full name of organization: Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Siberian Experimental Station of All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops by V.S. Pustovoit".

Short name of organization: FSBSI SOS VNIIMK.

In 1961, at the initiative of VNIIMK scientists the Siberian experimental station of oil crops was founded in southern forest-steppe zone of the Omsk region, in the city of Isilkul.

The main tasks of the experimental station are the creation of high-yielding, high quality varieties and hybrids of oil crops with short vegetative period for severe conditions of Siberia, development of the scientifically based management practices of their cultivation, and improvement of mechanization.

Currently, the subdivisions structure of the Siberian experimental station includes the departments of breeding, seed growing and oil crops agrotechnology, and the laboratory of agrobiochemistry. 

3 sunflower varieties, 3 spring rapeseed varieties, 4 oil flax varieties, 2 spring false flax varieties, and 2 spring turnip rapeseed have been included in the State Register of breeding achievements eligible for cultivation. Three promising varieties of oil crops are undergoing the State variety trials.

Annually, the Siberian experimental station sell up to 500 t of oil crops seeds and up to 1,500 t of seeds of cereal crops of higher reproductions.

Due to researches at the experimental station twenty PhD theses were defended.