FSUE "Urupskoye"


MURASHKIN Anatoly Ivanovich

Full postal address:

16 Lenina street, Sovetskaya, Novokubansky district, Krasnodar region, Russia 352232
Telehone: (86195) 5-36-48
Fax: (86195) 5-36-19

Full name of organization: Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Urupskoye"

In 1926, in Rodnikovsky settlement of the Novokubansky district of the Krasnodar region there was founded a collective farm, later reorganized into the State farm, and then into the beet seed farm.

In 2001, according to the order of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, this collective farm was reorganized into the experimental producing farm "Urupskoye" under the guidance of the North Caucasian Research Institute of Sugar Beet and Sugar (SKNIISIS), and since 2009 it was renamed into the seed-growing farm "Urupskoye" and put under the scientific and methodological guidance of VNIIMK.

The farm's land use is located in central agricultural zone in the southern part of the Novokubansky district. Total acreage is 7 977 ha.

The industrial specialization of FSUE "Urupskoye" is production and marketing of high reproductions of seeds of sugar beet, winter and spring cereal crops, corn, sunflower, vegetable crops and other; development and marketing of animal breeding production; technological support of the carried out scientific researches specified by subject plans of VNIIMK.

The farm has a territorial structure of organization and production. There are two departments which have tractor subdivisions with up to 60 tractors, 20 combines and other types of agricultural machinery; two thrashing floors with covered grounds; a petroleum storage depot; two stock-farms (cattle population is 2 200 heads) for milk production and young-stock breeding; a commercial farm for bulls fattening and hog-raising farm (1 600 heads). 

More than 400 workers of various professions are engaged in all branches of production.