The 7th International Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists, February 19-21, 2013

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the 7th international conference of young scientists and specialists called “The topical issues of biology, plant breeding, and technology of cultivation and processing of oil crops” and dedicated to the 100th anniversary of VNIIMK foundation. The conference will take place on February 19-21, 2013 in All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops located at: 17 Filatova street, Krasnodar, Russia, 350038 (VNIIMK).

The main themes of the conference:

1. Plant Breeding and Seed Growing
2. Physiology
3. Biotechnology
4. Biochemistry
5. Genetics
6. Plant protection
7. Ecology
8. Agricultural chemistry
9. Agriculture
10. Economics


Until December 9, 2012 the participants have to send the application and the article (up to 5 pages) in electronic form in a A4 format for the publication and well-timed preparation of the collection. By the beginning of the conference the publication of the collection of the conference articles is planned. Each author (under 35 years old) submits no more than 2 articles. The co-authorship is allowed. The doctors older than 40 years cannot be the authors of the published articles. In the text or after the text the reference “work was carried out under the supervision of or with participation of …” is allowed with the indication of a scientific degree and an academic title of the supervisor.

Material requirements. Article languages are Russian, English. Articles in a MS Word format *.rtf (file’s name is the surname of the main author in the Latin alphabet: e.g. sidorov. rtf) have to be sent via e-mail ( Text orientation is portrait, tables orientation is either portrait or landscape; line spacing is single; top and bottom margins are 4,2 cm, left and right margins are 3,7 cm; Tahoma font, font size is 10, font size of the tables is 9.

Tables, formulas, diagrams and pictures are allowed in the text. The above mentioned graphic objects should be inserted into the article’s text and contain the attached original file (*.tiff, *jpeg, or diagram, scheme in Excel). The references are formed at the end of the article in accordance with GOST (All-Union State Standard) 7.1-2003. The abstract in Russian and/or English languages and of no longer than 10 lines’ size is obligatory.

Article structure. Title (semi-bold font, capital letters), Author(s) name (semi-bold font, lower-case letters), Institution, postal address and e-mail (normal font, lower-case letters), main text (the indent of the paragraphs’ first lines is 1,25 cm). The presence of the introduction with literature review (digital numbering, references to literature source are placed in square brackets), the goal and objectives of research, material and methods, results and discussion, conclusion, references is obligatory for the article.

The participation and the publication of conference materials are free of charge. The materials sent by the authors can be subjected to the minimal editorial editing and won’t be returned to the authors. The best article meeting the magazine’s requirements will be published free of charge in the scientific magazine “Oil Crops” which is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific journals of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.

The examples of materials composition can be viewed here and here.

Address of the conference organizing committee:

17 Filatova st., Krasnodar, Russia, 350038, State Scientific Institution All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Crops by V.S. Pustovoit.

Phone numbers:

(861)254-29-99 Nikolay Ivanovich Bochkaryov, Deputy Director for Science

(861)274-64-34, (918)441-37-02 Pikhtyaryova Anastasia Alexandrovna, Chairman of the Board of Young Scientists

fax: (861) 254-27-80  Е

Attention!!! Only the materials relevant to the subject area of the conference will be accepted for the publication.

Download the first informative letter and application form