July 26, 2018. Field Day - hybrids and varieties of sunflower, varieties of soybean

FGBNU VNIIMK invites you to the annual All-Russian seminar “Field Day - hybrids and varieties of sunflower, varieties of soybean” with a demonstration of its latest breeding achievements. More than century-old history of the Institute allows us not only to keep pace with the time, but to develop new quality varieties and hybrids that are resistant to the main complex of pathogens and that show a consistently high yield every year.


Happy Russia Day!

Dear colleagues! On June 12 our country celebrates the Russia Day, one of its main holidays. Today, this holiday is gaining a special meaning in the context of some countries' attempts to isolate Russia from the rest of the world.


Contribution to the development of agriculture of the Republic of Adygeya

On June 9, the preharvest meeting took place in the Republic of Adygeya. Issues related to the harvesting of winter crops in 2018 were discussed.